• red hair fairy leaning against a tree

How Are They Made

Wood Flower Fairy Dolls are all handmade using wood flowers as their skirts and yarn for their body and tops. Each doll can be fully customized.

How To Customize Your Doll

When creating your doll, you'll pick out her
 - skin color

 - hair color and style

 - accessories

 - wood flower skirt and color

Each doll is approximately 6" tall.

Customizations are coming soon!

Why Wood Flower Fairy Dolls

  • Fully Customizable

    Build the perfect fairy doll that looks exactly the way you want her to look. Customize her skin, shirt or skirt colors.

  • Wood Flowers Last Forever

    Each skirt is made from sola wood flowers, an eco friendly option that last forever. They are fragile so handle with care.

  • Made With Love

    Dolls are made with a bit of extra love. My 7 year old daughter helps me to create and assemble each and everyone.

Premade Wood Flower Fairy Dolls

Rachel from top down showing pink hair, headband, blue shirt and pink flower skirt

Rachel - Wood Flower Fairy Doll

Regular price $10.00

Dahlia from front showing red hair, purple shirt and raw flower skirt

Dahlia - Wood Flower Fairy Doll

Regular price $10.00

How We Got Started

This is Piper and she loves fairies. We started creating the fairy dolls together while she was off school during the summer break. The plan was to make a few to add to her fairy garden and loved them so much that she wanted to make more.